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Jungle Oud

Nature’s Precious Oils

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A gorgeous wild harvested Borneo oud oil from the legendary region of Malinau. Derived from agarwood species of Aquilaria Malaccensis, a much sought after agarwood in the world.

This is an attractive fragrance that opens with an explosion of distinctively rich woody profiles from the moment you uncap the bottle! creates a cloud of earthy vaporous notes with rainy grassy green accords reminiscent of the lands of Malinau. Experience an incredible and wonderful journey, crossing through the emerald bright jungle, encountering surprising notes of sweet vanilla and bittersweet facets. Dries down to a spicy and nutty aroma with cedar freshness that  projects superbly like the scent of pure nature.

Apply a gentle swipe on the wrist, take a big sniff and relax to enjoy the pleasant uplifting and calming effect on your mind body and soul. Limited quantity, so grab yours before it’s gone!



Malinau 2022





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