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Jungle Oud

Nature’s Precious Oils

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A mesmerising oud oil from Hainan, bursts forth with a lively blend of bittersweet mandarin and peach, evoking the sun-kissed orchards of the region. This initial wave of juicy freshness captivates the senses, setting an inviting and cheerful tone. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals a heart of warm woods and delicate florals, mirroring the serene beauty of Hainan’s landscapes. The warm woods offer a grounded sophistication, while the delicate florals add a touch of grace and elegance. A subtle hint of mint refreshes and invigorates, imparting a sophisticated edge and ensuring Hainan Bliss leaves a lasting impression.
This exquisite Chinese oud promises an unforgettable olfactory journey, whether you seek a fragrance that embodies charm and allure or offers a nostalgic embrace. Perfect for moments of relaxation, intimate gatherings, or indulging in luxury, capturing the essence of Hainan’s natural beauty and tranquility.
Hainan, 2022


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