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Jungle Oud

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Awaken all your senses with “Maharajah”, a captivating aromatic Assam oud oil that opens with luxurious and complex accords that are beyond speech! beautifully smooth and well balanced to perfection. As the scent develops, multitude profiles of regal woods, herbs, leather and musky undertones  blossom altogether adding intensity, richness, elegance, depth and character to the fragrance. Hints of dried tobacco leaf also subtly unravel providing warmth, sweet and light smokiness, leaving a memorable trail and powerful impression.

A supreme scent with long lasting addictive aroma, a true collectors oud. Add a royal touch to your life and feel the moment of luxury with this timeless fragrance.



Assam, India 2018

1 review for Maharajah

  1. boh1990ban

    Indian oil, the most beautiful Assam oil I have tried, it starts with strong tobacco notes and ends with a beautiful calm scent. Its performance is very nice. It lasts for days on fabrics and hours on the hand.👍🏻👍🏻

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