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Jungle Oud

Nature’s Precious Oils

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A stunning breath taking fragrance produced from a rare type of rose referred to as ‘the Queen of all roses’, cultivated in the mountainous gardens of Taif (kingdom of Saudi Arabia). It is one of the most premium and sought-after roses in the world. The flowers are distinct with thirty delicate pink petals of uneven sizes, the cool temperature is essential for the flower’s successful growth. Harvested only once a year during spring and hand-picked before sunrise to capture the most pure and potent rose petal aroma. This fragrance is symbolic of romance, love and beauty, nobility, purity and status, most favoured by the royals of the Middle East.

Opens with an extraordinary unique blast of fresh citrusy, lemony, sparkly green lime note, revealing wonderful rich sweet juicy floral profiles and hints of crisp green accords. Ambient bright and luxurious, ready to liven up any space! Gracefully balanced to perfection by nature, the aroma will transcend you above the clouds and beyond! The Taif rose is a divine and heavenly scent, a rose collectors oil, a true world wonder and treasure.



Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1 review for Royal Taif Rose

  1. Asif Zaman

    I like Oud, but I love rose. I’ve always worn rose. Taif Rose was out of my league though, but at this price it would be foolish not to. This is the first time I’ve smelled Taif rose and I’m smitten. I’ve found all previous rose fragrances wanting, either too sharp, too sweet, too light or too feminine for me. Royal Taif is complete and it makes me smile inside. 3 days later I get a whiff of it from a jacket and I smile. This is the first perfume that has made a colleague at work ask me what I’m wearing, they loved it.
    Royal Taif is deep, rounded and has oomph. I know these aren’t fragrance descriptors but Royal Taif has ruined all other rose perfumes for me. Thank you Jungle Oud for introducing me to Taif Rose.

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