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Jungle Oud

Nature’s Precious Oils

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A beautiful deep and well loved sandalwood with a radiant golden yellow hue, from the regions of Tenggara, Indonesia. Artisanally steam distilled using superb quality and finest raw materials from the Santal album tree. Amazingly sweet and smooth with creamy buttery nuances that are distinctively rich, woody, grounding and transcendent evoking good focus and insight.

A Zen fragrance that gives you a great feeling of inner peace and serenity. Luxurious and uplifting, gorgeous to wear on its own on any occasion. Layer it over another oud oil or perfume to create a dynamic new scent that is uniquely yours. For all sandalwood lovers out there, this is a crème de la crème Santal oil to add to your collection!.

1 review for Santal Serene

  1. Hala

    Ma Sha Allah!
    Absolutely beautiful.

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