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Jungle Oud

Nature’s Precious Oils

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A splendid fragrance that has been prepared through an extensive process of hydro distillation using over 40 natural ingredients of mixed flowers, Indian mountain herbs, roots, seeds, saffron, exotic warm spices gorgeously enveloped in a sandalwood base. A classic iconic, complex heritage aroma with an opening of herbaceous, sweet amber notes, floral undertones and hints of minty eucalyptus flavours. A mysterious and oriental attar that is clean with musky, mossy earthy vibes, an aroma that will give you the best olfactory experience. An all year round scent, also recommended for cooler climates.


1 review for Shamamatul Amber

  1. Asif

    I bought this to give as a gift but liked it so much I kept it for myself and I don’t even like Amber perfume. I don’t claim to have a refined nose so can’t pick out all the different instruments in this orchestra of a perfume but I love the final symphony. Putting it on in the morning, I still got whiffs of it in the evening.

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