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Wild harvested resinous agarwood from Sri Lanka, commonly known as Walla patta, a highly sought after agarwood variety in the world revered for its exceptional rich fragrance and exquisite qualities. Exhibits a gorgeous captivating woody earthy sweet fragrance with subtle balsamic notes. A fragrance much loved by perfumers and collectors alike due to it’s unique and complex scent profiles.

Walla patta has traditionally been used for centuries by the royals, as well for fumigating rooms for meditation and spiritual enlightening, and medicinal purposes. Possesses calming and therapeutic properties contributing to well-being and inner peace.

The appearance of the agarwood chips vary in shape and size due to its nature, they can either be placed directly on a charcoal burner or on a electrical subitism heater, a slow burner that enable you to enjoy the beautiful aroma for much longer.

Sri Lankan agarwood provides a truly captivating olfactory experience, try for yourself, while stock last.



10g, 20g, 5g

1 review for Sri Lankan Agarwood (Walla Patta)

  1. Gregg

    Having only smelled this type of wood before in an incense stick, I was really looking forward to smelling this on a heater and it didn’t disappoint! Opening fairly sweet it then started to emit notes of green kyara. Don’t know how this is possible when Walla Patta is not a typical agarwood species but there it is. Excellent purchase for the price! Probably doesn’t doesn’t belong here but also a big WOW to the quality of the included resin samples, the frankincense being super fresh and having the great yellowish-green color of the best lime citrus smelling Hojari. Looking forward to being a return customer.

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